About Me

I remembered the wise words of my mother who said once to me, whatever path you will follow in your life, do follow it with passion and love and you will succeed. I have never forgotten her wise words and when I embarked on my journey as a photographer some ten years ago at the age of 27 I was set to honour my mother’s advice. 

What started out innocently as hobby, taking the occasional picture gradually grew into a fascination and love for the art of photography. True,  my studies at the School of Arts in Bucharest (Romania) and the New York Institute of Photography gave me an invaluable inside into the (technical) world of photography. However, the turning point for me was the day I realised I wanted to pursue a career at one particular aspect of photography,  music photography. The first opportunity presented itself in 2011 when a leading Romanian radio station, Radio 21, asked me to shoot their biggest event, Liberty Parade, a rave party beach event at the Romanian seaside! It was a ball and signalled the start of my career as photographer of concerts in Romania. It is with some pride that I can say that I have worked with many of the top Romanian musicians and music bands and became a documentarist not only shooting their concerts but also the pre and post-concert events. Since I am now living in the beautiful city of Barcelona, I continue to pursue my career in that direction and have since been shooting concert events for Live Nation and Doctor Music but also directly with Nervo, Mans Zelmerlöw, X Ambassadors and other local artists.

My life as a photographer has been a rewarding journey. I would not change for any other career. I look back with some nostalgia to my humble beginnings in my childhood days when I had a first dabble at photography with my mother’s old camera! 

The road ahead of me looks bright and I am confident that the next ten years or so will equally bring me joy, happiness and above all passion in what I consider is the most fascinating profession of all professions.

Sincerely, I hope you will enjoy a selection of the best of my work.